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End of life for Lumira


Just wondering what your plans with Lumira are? I’ve got to know that it will be supported only until 2024. Check the SAP Note 2902872.


I have only developed a couple of dashboards in Lumira (unfortunately they never made to production for various reasons). It looks like if we ever get any interest in developing a dashboard, we will be using SAC. But we have yet to purchase SAC.

I dont have s-user id so can’t see whats in the note. Does it mean Lumira Designer will not be supported? Kind of hard to believe since Lumira Designer is the only dashboarding tool BO had going forward.

The mainstream maintenance of Lumira will be until end of 2022.

Is Sap coming out with another dashboarding tool? Or they abandoning it altogether?
Xcelsius/BO Dashboards is already going away and now Lumira.

From what I have seen and heard. It is mostly just SAP Analytics Cloud. Also I think just Lumira Developer is ending maintenance. I thought Lumira Designer was going to be around a little bit longer.

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SAC is the replacement for Lumira.

Here is a section from the SAP note:

As per the communication @ on Feb 7, 2018, Lumira 2.x maintenance is aligned with SAP BI Platform 4.2 and overall maintenance for Lumira 2.x(Discovery, Designer & Server for BI Platform) available until December 31, 2024 in such a way that:
Mainstream Maintenance availble for the last minor release in Lumira 2.x code-line, Lumira 2.4 until December 31, 2022

Priority One support maintenance available for Lumira 2.4 release from January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2024.

SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s primary strategic Analytics Solution moving forward. All the new innovations and enhancements will be delivered with SAP Analytics Cloud hence SAP recommends customers to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud to get regular

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Just seeing this Julien, sure I"ll do that.

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Is it worth to develop to something on Lumira? What is the best way to deliver tabular reports on the top of hana view?


Hard to say. Lumira EOL is in a few years. SAP is pushing SAC.