Embed Dashboard with row level security in Website

We have the following requirement. There is a universe with row level security via the BOUSER-variable. So each user can see the personalized result in his report.

We wannt to integrate a chart into an webpage. As I think this is not really possible with Web Intelligence (?), I was thinking about Dashboard/Xcelsius where I can export a flash object and embed it into a website. But what happenes to the row level security then? Is it possible to pass the current USER with Single Sign On to the Dashboard-Query, so each Windows user sees automatically his personalized dashboard on the website?


sage12 (BOB member since 2018-09-10)

I have experimented with user security many years ago. There is a BOUser variable available with Dashboard Design, but I do not recall how to use it to filter the data.

kevlray :us: (BOB member since 2010-06-23)