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Editing reports through SSL


We are have Webintelligence setup with IIS and users are able to edit reports when inside the network, but we also have some users that come in via SSL outside the network.

These users can login and view reports, but when they try and edit the reports, they get the Java Panel pop up, but it has a big X in the top left hand corner.
It says that it is loading the Java report Panel, but the box just sits there.

I have spoken with our network team who look after the access but they can’t see what the java panel is trying to call. Has anyone got any ideas?

I am starting to think that I need to install Apache Tomcat so users can edit reports using HTML report panel, but i would prefer not to.

Any help on this would be most appreciated!!

Many thanks

nheath100 (BOB member since 2007-10-12)

Could it be that the have the wrong version of Java installed? Have them click the “Check Browser” on the main login page.

Anita Craig :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-17)