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Edit Relational Connection in CMC

Hi Experts,
Can we Edit the Relational connection appearing in the CMC as shown in below image. I know we can edit OLAP Connections, but how about the Relational Connection? When i right click the relational connection i and select Organize, under organize its not showing the Edit option. While it can seen in OLAP Connections.
I have the Admin rights on the CMC, but still i am unable to edit the Relational connection in CMC.

This is not possible for Relational Connections. I didn’t even know you could edit OLAP connections, maybe because we don’t us them.

It would definitely make things easier but maybe just for OLEDB connections. I could see ODBC connection editing being problematic as you have to update the ODBC DSN on the server(s). I could see this being a reason why thy don’t have Business Objects configured to edit Relational Connections.

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