ECC - BW Basics

Hi Experts,

I need your expertise in the initial steps for extracting data from ECC to BW, and i will appreciate the simplest words you can explain in.

What i am looking for basically is,

  • Work Around area in ECC & BW (T-Codes)
  • How much of user log in dependency in ECC.
  • Basic simple explanation on RSA6,RSA5,RSA2.

In General, how things work out between ECC and BW.

Myself, i am having 5+ years experience in BO with SAP and Non-SAP applications. I am familiar with the process & terminology.
This is the first time i’am solely handling BW area,with ECC as source system that why too much confused :nonod:

Please Advise,
Thanks in Advance!


umarnayab (BOB member since 2013-06-05)

How is this related to Data Services?

The extraction of data from SAP ECC to SAP BW is handled through BW Extractors on the ECC system? Data Services has nothing to do with it.

You can use Data Services to extract, transform and load non-SAP data into SAP BW, either into the PSA as by the classic BW methods or by using ADSO’s and SDA on HANA-enabled BW systems (7.4 and up).

Under no circumstances would I ever recommend sticking Data Services in between ECC and BW.

ErikR :new_zealand: (BOB member since 2007-01-10)