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Drilling across

I’ve just started playing around with Explorer and am having trouble with what I think should be basic functionality.

I created a Space from eFashion, selecting a few measures and Year, Quarter, Month, State, City, and a few more dimensions.

Everything works fine if I start drilling from Year.

But I want to start drilling from a different facet, let’s say State. I can select “State” from the primary facet menu (which defaults to “Best Guess”). This will show me all states, which is what I want (see second image). But I can’t drill down. If I double-click Texas, it will show Texas and nothing else (third image), whereas I would expect it to show me all cities within Texas. I can\ select City in the secondary facet dropdown, but I would expect this to happen automatically. I found that if I start at the very top, and drill from 2006 → Q1 → 1 → Texas, it will show cities within Texas. So it can navigate the hierarchy, just not starting at State.

I tried creating multiple Facet Groups – one for Time and one for Location, but it had no effect.

So, how can I navigate a hierarchy when I’m not starting from the top level?

joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)