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Documenting a Universe (Universe Design Tool 4.3 Version 14.3)

Hi! Is there a tool that will let me document the contents of a universe, including objects plus underlying fields? Joins and the existence of custom SQL for Lists of Values for each object would be amazing.

We are using Universe Design Tool 4.3 Version 14.3.


You want this for older UNV (Universe Design Tool) universes rather than newer UNX (Information Design Tool) universes?


Yep! We’re still using Universe Design Tool.


There is a free tool from biclever call UNV Documenter that will get most of what you are looking for exported to and Excel spreadsheet. I don’t think it will provide the custom SQL for LOVs.

Also, if you print from within UDT you get the same basic info as UNV Documenter and again none of the custom SQL for LOVs.

Certainly there are paid third-party tools that will do a better job of this, but they are quite expensive.

I will check it out!

Thank you very much!


I just tried it and it gives me everything that I need. Exceeded expectations, in fact.

Thank you, Noel.


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hi the link doesn’t work, getting error on page

Use this one instead:

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New link…

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Thank you John! will try it and revert