Do you use rich client or web intelligence?

Rich Client vs. WebI - - - - Rich Client is my forever tool.

I saw other posts on this, but wanted a fresh discussion, one in particular matched my view - Rich Client rules!

Main thing is WebI times out after a short period (~20 minutes), yet I like to keep a document open all day, like a Word document.

But it’s also a lot cleaner, charting is better, few other things.

I know there’s extra maintenance involved, so all end-users just use WebI, that makes sense to me. But as a report developer, it’s not even close, imo: Rich Client rules!

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Not that we do very many reports with Webi (mostly Crystal Reports), but we always try to use Rich Client. Mostly because of the time out issues.

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I use (and prefer) Rich Client to the Webi version and we only use Webi for scheduling reports. One of the reasons for not liking Webi was the time out issue.

Earlier this year we upgraded from v4.1 to v4.2 and the consultant we had in to do the work kindly amended the “time out” value, so basically I can stay logged in all day now - a revelation!! I can’t remember where she did this configuration, it could be accessible from the CMC for all I know, but the important bit to take from this is that it can be modified to make your life easier.

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:+1: it’s done :wink: thanks for the topic !

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we probably wouldn’t do that, because of end users keeping connections open and taking up licenses.

awesome! I’m so glad BOBJ continues. thanks for your work!

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RC only for connecting Excel-sheets on network-storage as a source in WebI-document

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N8AKTIV - - - Interesting … thank you!

Rich Client. WEBI takes up to much screen real estate to work comfortably in.

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another good point! Thanks, gzales …