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Do we have to recreate the report webi wich are Scheduled with event and other on XI3.1 on SAPBI4.2

Hi every one
Do we have to create the report which are on planification to Excel, pdf, csv, when migrate xi3.1 to BI4.2

Do you have issue on BI4.2 after migration of these reports after migration to XI3.1 to SAPBI4.2

if you mean - you have a scheduled Webi report (report+recurring instance) - this remain working after migration to BI4.2, yes that works.

afaik no issues


Thank you for your replay.
for me the instance is when the report which are schedule are executed
To confirm your answer, I explained what I mean:
I talked about the report schedules at a certain time and other people receive this report by email but they receive the report by Excel, or pdf or other but not on web Intelligence.
you tell me we can migrate this report easily and don’t have issue?

I have another question, it is the same for the report which are on publication?

yes - if both environments (3.1 and 4.2) have the same object security, ACL, permissions etc… then you use the Upgrade management tool and reports and instances can be easily migrated.

publication - i dont know - we had a publications based on Deski reports, the publications themselves were migrated but (of course) not the reports. and so the publications had to be recreated after a reports were converted.

Good morning tom_kar and the others.
If I understand no problem will arive if I do the migration of the instances and the report on publication?
Have you got an link of SAP BO which show it?
You have always participate on a migration, do you know what is the step of the migration and do you have the kpi to show on what time I can do some things step by step?
If you have also link of SAP thank you by advances.

I did not say so. I can say with Webi reports we did not encounter any major issue.

The whole topic of migration/upgrade is IMHO so wide and complex job that I do not feel I can provide it to you from A to Z. perhaps start here:

if you have a spare budget hire a consultant for some time and save your time/nerves.
and or search for a 3rd party tools to help you e.g. one of 3rd party help tools

thank you tom, I will see your links.

Our publications had issues when we migrated. The included document id’s didn’t translate over properly. Had to go into the publications and re-select the reports to include in the publication.

WebI reports and instances came over with minor one-off issues.