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Do not send if Report is empty


is it possible for a weekly scheduled report to NOT email out if the Report is EMPTY or returns No DATA return ?

Many thanks

Sims786 (BOB member since 2006-04-04)

Hello ,
in my version 4.1.7 in the publication properties , there is a sub-properties “delivry rules” , in the right panel you can choose to delivery documents if reports contains datas

rdx (BOB member since 2011-03-14)

Yes that is only possible using publication and not possible in report schedule. But you can create a publication for the report and still use delivery rules to over come the no data situation.

reddyvmk (BOB member since 2005-05-28)

Seem either that this is not possible for regular scheduling. In the documentation I see it seem to be possible for publication. But for me, I have 2 sub questions.

Question 1 : Is it something in LaunchPad or in CMC only for the delivery rule for publciation ?

Question 2 : Is the option of delivery rule affected byy security because me I don,t see at all the delivery rule option either in Launchpad publication or in CMC publication ! What about you ?


patrickfx (BOB member since 2007-10-17)

I think delivery rules are only available for Crystal reports in v4.1 - however, the option for webi reports is a feature in v4.2. I’m still on 4.1…

peacha :uk: (BOB member since 2008-07-31)

Delivery rules only available in BI4.2 SP5

jemstar :ireland: (BOB member since 2006-03-30)