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Displaying a date in report minus 3 months


I am relatively new to Business Objects and have got a little stuck in a report I am trying to extract.

I have a date field (called Start) which I need to report on but I also need to report the same date field less 3 months in the same report.


Account_number, Start_date, True_Start_Date
1 28/07/2019 28/04/2019
2 18/07/2019 18/04/2019

As you can see from the example above the True_start_Date is exactly 3 months prior to the start_date.

Hope this makes sense.

steverc (BOB member since 2019-08-21)

Hi Steve,

You can find your answer here:

ndam (BOB member since 2016-11-09)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, the link you have sent works perfectly for what I need.

steverc (BOB member since 2019-08-21)