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display the total under the table

I want to display some results like total no of employees under the table …But If no. of rows vary, That display is not coming right under the table . Can anyone please tell me the features for that .

pks (BOB member since 2004-07-11)

Hi, welcome to BOB! :bob:

You might want to take a look at the options on the Appearance tab on the Format Cell dialog box. (I’m assuming you’re talking about a free-standing cell and a table of data.) You can adjust the horizontal and vertical positioning of the cell relative to another report object, like your table. So that way when the number of rows in your table changes, the position of the cell changes as well.

You might want to take a look at the FAQ (specifically this question). 8)

Dave Rathbun :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-06)

Right click on the cell, select format cell. Go to the appearance tab, drop the vertical selection arrow to select the table name that you want to position the cell in relation to. Enter amount of space you want between the cell and the table. As the table changes in height the cell will move with it.

Randy Jones :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-19)

Thanks for u’r reply I got it

pks (BOB member since 2004-07-11)