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disable custom query


my requirement is to disable custom sql option for users; however these are set of super users woh have full control but should not be able to edit someone else’s report and should not be able to customize their own query.

Please find attachment for the refernce of rights given by us.

Please help
Included rights in content tab.pdf (155.0 KB)

ndatta (BOB member since 2013-09-11)

If they should never be able to use custom SQL (in their own reports or somenone elses)

Can’t you just deny the right to (in 4.1SP3):

Query script - enable editing (SQL, MDX …)

In the group ‘Web Intelligence’ under ‘Application’

Please excuse me if my approach doesn’t match your problem :oops:

MBLM :netherlands: (BOB member since 2014-01-31)

your approach is correct however I wany it to be enabled for their own reports and disabled for someone else’s report

ndatta (BOB member since 2013-09-11)

Usually this sort of thing is managed by folders, edit rights on objects within etc.

Mak 1 :uk: (BOB member since 2005-01-06)

Sorry for reviving an old topic.
Actually we have a mandate of restricting the data pertaining to one country shouldn’t be seen by other country in SAP BO reports.
While I have implemented this and it works fine via adding new restriction in the Universe Design Tool, however this doesn’t prevent the users to amend the “Use Custom Query Script” and remove the country filter when formulating the report.
Can someone please guide me on how to restrict this option from SAP BO completely? I tried to do the same via CMC and remove View SQL/Edit query option from the folder advanced Web Intelligence from CMC->Folders, however that didn’t work.
It’s ok to completely disable the option and not for specific folders, can you please guide me on how to the same?

arnabarnab (BOB member since 2020-08-19)