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Disable BI launchpad send BI Inbox

I’d like to disable Send–>BI Inbox from BI launchpad. The location of this menu is:

  1. Log in to BI launchpad
  2. Go to your report folder (e.g. Finance)
  3. Right click on report (e.g Rep1), click on Send, click on BI Inbox

When I open and refresh the report in WebI I don’t get Send menu active. I was able to disable inside the WebI. But I’m not able to disable it from BI launchpad right click on the report.
I’d like to have it disabled from the folder for specific user group.
I’m attaching screen shot, just in case.

BI launchpad send BI Inbox.jpg

zulu1900 (BOB member since 2005-07-27)