Directly open an SAP BW Query in Analysis for office via a hyperlink / sapaox file in BI-Launchpad

We want to use the Business Object Launchpad (old or new, doesn’t matter) as the single point of entry for our BI end users.
It is easy for WebI / SAC stories / Analysis for Office workbook, but not for a query.
Our current workaround is creating one workbook for each query. I don’t like this, due to the additional effort.

In BW-GUI you can include a query and open it in Analysis, eg. using such a link:

Great, I can put this link also into BO.
BUT: It is not using the login via BO-server but directly to BW.

We tried to trick the system by manipulating the .sapaox file generated by the above link.
We simply replaced the connection information with the BO connection informatin (which we found in a .sapaox of a workbook stored in the BO server).

Anybody solved this?