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development life cycle in SAC


When on-premise SAP Business Objects is used, usually companies have more environments where full development life cycle takes place:

  • development environment
  • testing, quality assurance environment
  • production environment
    Promotion management is then used to move/promote objects between environments.

How does this all work in SAC? Do you have more SAC environments? Or do you have just one but with more tenants where every tenant represents one environment? How is the promotion done? What about licensing of environments/tenants?

Thank you.

Marek Chladny :slovakia: (BOB member since 2003-11-27)

I worked on a project that had multiple SAC environments (prod/test/QA). Each was on a separate tenant and we had to negotiate with SAP to get the licensing (the company ended up paying extra for the extra tenants). Originally there was only one environment but we couldn’t figure out a viable way to have simultaneous connections (DEV/QA/Prod database connections).

SAC does have a process to do promotions similar to promotion management in the CMC. Since this is a new product expect some of this functionality to change in the future. Once problem I found is that upgrades happen every few weeks and they stop supporting older versions (an old version could be 2 months old). So if you take an export (similar to LCMBIAR file) and save on your local computer, it may become obsolete once you upgrade SAC to a new version. Upgrades happen automatically every few weeks.

bension (BOB member since 2005-09-01)