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Dev_jco_rfc .trc files

HI BOB board, I have approximately 11GB of files in the win64_x64 folder that I would like to delete.
There are 400 files, named dev_jco_rfc_20230630_nnnnnn.trc ( nnnnnn = a number)

They have all been generated/ between 10:55 & 11:07 June30
There are also a large number of dev_jco_rfc and dev_nco_rfc files although these occupy a much smaller amount of storage.

I have been thru the Admin guide and done some research but cant find much(any?) info on them.
Happy to be re-directed to some solid info on the files. But short term can someone can confirm if i can delete them and get back some disc space. Any caveats around deleting.?


I checked a couple of our servers, we are on BI4.3sp2. We don’t have any files of that type in the win64_x64 directory.

From the .trc extension, this would match other trace logs that are located in the Logging directory. Based on that, I would think you could remove them.

Have you checked the contents of the files? Compare them to .trc files in your Logging directory. If they are similar, that would be another indicator that they are log files. If your lucky, the contents may also give you an idea of what is creating them.

I would suspect that you have some java process that is running, whether custom or not, that generated those files. That’s just based on their location and a little bit from the names of the files.

I don’t know if you have a SAP Support login or not, I did a search on dev_jco_rfc and it looks like these files are generated when you have JCo logging enabled on the Adaptive Job Processing Server that hosts the Data Federator service. It looks to be specifically related to connecting to SAP BW. This would explain why we don’t have any of these log files as we don’t connect to SAP BW. It’s unfortunate that these files are not written to the logging directory. Reference: SAP KBA 1717718 - dev_jco_rfc.trc file not getting generated :lock:

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Brilliant John, Thanks.
Yes the bit that threw me was the directory that they are in: it not what I expected.
We are not using the DF service, and yes we connect to BW. And most of the logging is off. So I think your right these can be deleted
Thanks for the great explanation & pointers.