Desktop Intelligence -Usage statistics-Audit Database

Hi ,

Any help on the subject request is appreciated .

We are currently using BOXI3 version -Desktop Intelligence .
I have been doing the exercise of understanding the usage stats of reports , Universes, Users etc.

i have been trying multiple permutations and combinations on the Audit database and the number that i get is not an exact number .

How do i identify the Active reports that are existing in my environment .This includes the reports that retrieved from the repository and also the reports that users have saved in their local drives .

below is the format i am looking for:

User_Name Last refersh date_time report name folder (if the report is in repository)

The purpose of doing this is to do the clean up .

Details of the Tool :

Version :BOXI3
reporting front end :Desktop Intelligence
Audit database :Available .

if any one has the ready made query would be of a real help

SravanT (BOB member since 2017-04-24)

There is no logging of local reports opened with DeskI.

You could write an add-in that will capture this info.

joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)