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Designer (UDT) freezes whenever I try to export the universe

Hello y’all,
I’m taking over a 4.1 platform hosted on Win 2012 R2. Everything is working OK, except that each time I try to export my updated universe to the repository, Designer freezes and nothing happens.

I wanted to exclude a problem with the universe, so I’ve created a new universe based on club.mdb, with only one object, and it Designer freezes when I try to export if.

Does anyone have any clue to either fix Designer or use any other means of publishing the universe to the repository?

Thanks in advance!

when exactly the UDT freezes?

  • After you choose Menu - Export.?
  • Or when you press OK button in export dialog?

if 2nd option - if you wait enough time -2mins or so… even its frustrating - does it come any error?


Hello and thanks for your answer.

It freezes when I click on File / Export. I don’t get the export dialog.

By the way, I’ve tried to wait a couple hours, and nothing else happened.

Best regards

In my own experience, I have experimented UDT crash during export or import. I remember that reinstalling the whole software (all BOBJ…) is fixing the issue. Do you have this option ?

Hello Julien,
It’s a production server, so I’m afraid I won’t be allowed to do this… I’m supposed to cure the patient, not finishing him off without even diagnosing the disease.


Make sure that the version of your UDT matches the version of BOBJ on the server.

Also, it may happen, that if you used 2 monitors in the past that now the export window is open for you on another monitor, not on the one that you are using. In that case try hitting Alt+Space, then choose Move from the menu and then use arrows to move the Export window back to your current monitor.


Yeah - then it should be the multi-monitor issue. as Marek has written

@Marek Chladny: damn, you’re fast, man :wink:

It was exactly that !
Thanks a lot and congratulations!

sorry, it’s an old post, but THANKS :slight_smile:

just got a user with the same problem, using UDT on its laptop screen when @home and on dual screen + laptop close when @office

one day qe’ll get ride of all unv and UDT ^^