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Data services 4.2 jobs suddenly doubling execution time


Data services 4.2 installed on Windows 2012. On Aug 5th, our jobs failed complaining no space in E:\ where DS is installed. We cleared the space and restarted the server, all was well. Suddenly on Aug 9th, our jobs started doubling their execution time. DB guys confirmed no issues from their end. No network latency issues. No changes in our jobs or environment. CPU usage is peaking… (Data services is using maximum CPU). Could it be memory leaks? Can anyone please throw light on this or anyone experienced anything like this.


Please check the cause for 100%cpu utilization. If CPU is 100 % job performance degrades. Some times either antivirus or some other services causes to CPU spike.please talk to your network team on this.

Hello Ramana,

Thank you very much for your response. Will check with our team.