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Data from one query be used in FHSQL filter


I have two data providers, one from Universe and second from FHSQL. now I need help in creating filter in FHSQL based on Query1 ( Universe) like

CustName IN ( Custname from Query1)

can you please provide any suggestion or alternate method will also work.


An alternative would be to lift the query from query one to become a subquery in query 2

you can do a reference to the result of another data provide in the where clause like e.g.:
<variable_name> IN @dpvalue(‘A’, DP3.DO1)
sometimes this procedure behaves a bit “bullheaded”, but is works
BUT: not mor than 999 instances may be contained in that list (is I think at least a “hard” Oracle restriction)

Hey, I guess we will not be able to pass universe result values to fhsql query filter values.
What version of SAP business objects are you using. Also what database are you using?