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How can I show
year ,
sales revenue ,
sales revenue (where lines inlist “accessories”, “city skirts” ) ,
sales revenue not inlist (“accessories”, “city skirts”)

from the efashion univrese in a single table of a report tab.

Say I want to compare my sales revenue for a year based on lines like accessories, city skirts and the remaining lines.
*Note- Lines object cannot be included in the table.

I have customized this to satisfy a business requirement I have. I am sure anyone of you BOB’s have gone thru this. Advice please:

Thanks in advance.

BOB_DW (BOB member since 2004-08-26)

you can create 3 data providers for each condition. BO will auto sync on the common object (Year and Lines).

you can then project only measures by Year.

Jevan CQ :trinidad_tobago: (BOB member since 2003-11-20)

Thanks for the response but…
That option complicates a lot of things. Like if you wanted to show 5 columns with each having a different list criterion…would you go for 5 Dp’s?
It I guess is not a viable option.

BOB_DW (BOB member since 2004-08-26)

You also have a couple of options that involve either report-level variables or measure objects in the universe.

  1. Report-level variable using If-Then-Else logic along with Sum()
  2. Measure object in the universe that uses the appropriate syntax for your DBMS (e.g., CASE WHEN, decode, etc).

I prefer the second option.

Good luck,

JMulders :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-20)

If it is something you only need in a few reports I’d prefer the WHERE clause (and not IF THEN…ELSE…), look at this FAQ Reporter entry.

Otherwise I’d go with Judy’s suggestion to create universe measure objects using the SQL statement SUM (CASE WHEN… END).

Andreas :de: (BOB member since 2002-06-20)

Thanks again but the two options mentioned above I have tried and dont work.
The first option to create a measure @ the universe would need hardcoding and since I am dealing with transactional data thats not an option as I need the universe to be as dynamic as possible. So I got to do this @ the report level.
The second option for using where doesn’t work as where lets you use only = operation and one value only. I need to use != (not equal in a few cases) and match a list of values to the variable in some cases.
The third option where I use If then Else isn’t working and gives me an #Computation Error. I am trying to use = If =“France” Then Else 0. I get this error if I dont have the Country object in the table, but Once I pull it in I get repeated rows for year which I dont want to happen.
Have attached a report. Please have a look and advice.

BOB_DW (BOB member since 2004-08-26)

Please, take another close look at the FAQ Reporter entry in my previous post, using the work around creating a boolean flag, which in turn can be used in the WHERE part of a report variable will work just fine.

Andreas :de: (BOB member since 2002-06-20)

Thank You. It is working. I did explain to the users who wanted to do this ,I hope I dont get bugged by users.

BOB_DW (BOB member since 2004-08-26)