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Cyrstal Reports Unable to open report in CR Enterprise

I have Crystal Reports that run fine in the environment. But I can’t open them up in CR enterprise to modify them. The error is as follows. Can’t find anything on SAP site.

Crystal Reports
Unable to open report
A problem occurred while opening the report from the server.
Please contact your server administrator


Are you sure the report is a Crystal Reports for Enterprise report? What does the report icon look like in the BI Launchpad? Could it be a Crystal Reports 20XX report?

Also I looking into this as the issue.
2358049 - How to troubleshoot Crystal Reports Dynamic Parameter List of Values.pdf (214.3 KB)

Are you able to open other Crystal Reports? We do not use Crystal Reports for Enterprise at all so I am not of much help. Just trying to ask some clarifying questions.

I appreciate you trying to help. To answer your question. All the reports work fine. The problem is opening them up to edit them in enterprise. I’m leaning towards the issue actually being the way the original report was edited and renamed. You can still open the original but not the newly named version. But the newly named version runs fine. You just can’t open them up to edit any longer. I’ve been working with BO and CR since 2005 and have never seen this before.


Did you try downloading the report and then opening it from your local machine? Maybe opening it from the repository is being an issue.