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Custom number format rounding

Hi there, I have the requirement to “round” numbers, e.g. 0.365 to 36, so that, the number * 100 and rounding without decimal number.
0.365 * 100 = 36.5 = 36

So I apply custom format to measure (#,###[%]), but it returns 37 (0.365) so It’ś mean wrong, is there any function to custom the interval to return, e.g < 0.005 = 0.00 and > 0.006 = 0.01 the rounding interval.

In excel it has a ROUNDDOWN function any similar in webi or workaround?

Have a look at floor

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As @FrustratedScot says, floor is your friend.


Then you can format that as a percentage.


Ceil : This rounds up a number
Floor : This rounds down a number