Crystal Reports 2020 64-bit Processing Server Sizing

I posted this on the SAP Community forums, but have much better luck here. I am working on a sizing for a new BOBJ 4.3 SP1 install in which the content is primarily Crystal Reports.

Now the official sizing documentation is still based on 4.2 and in this, for the Crystal Reports 2016 processing server, there are calculations for the number of child processes that are spawned by the parent crystal process and the amount of memory these can consume. It is stated here that a child process can consume 500MB (1.25 per core) and the number of children are determined by the number of cores * 2.5. So with an 8 core system, the Crystal processing server supports 20 threads and consumes up to 10Gb.

Now this is all based on the 32-bit version of Crystal 2016 in 4.2 SP5+. In 4.3, the Crystal Reports 2020 Processing server is now 64-bit and doesn’t have the same memory constraint, theoretically 64-bit, but realistically like any of the other java components or 64-bit C++ components we configure. The closest we see in 4.2 is in the Crystal Enterprise Processing Server in which the child processes can consume up to 3GB of RAM and the number of children is calculated by cores / 2. So an 8 core system supports 4 enterprise threads and can consume up to 12GB of RAM.

I understand Crystal Enterprise is not the same as Crystal 2016 or 2020, BUT it is the closest 64-bit component to compare against. Since there is no memory constraint in the 64-bit version like the 32-bit version.

Does anyone know if there has there been any updated guidance on the sizing for the Crystal Reports 2020 processing server now that it is 64-bit?

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I can’t find an updated Sizing Guide for BI4.3 either. That’s disappointing for as long as that version has been out.

I asked a question on the Sizing and Deploying SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x Platform and Add-Ons Wiki (SAP Login Required) if they were going to update it for BI4.3. Will have to wait and see if I get a response.

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Well… I got an answer in the community thread already from Don at SAP:

I asked R&D to have a look at your post and the sizing guide and here’s what they are going to update for calculating the memory size in the sizing Guide.

Check for the updates…

Thanks for pointing this out for us to update.

I know they had not updated their sizing guide since the original comment on the SAP Help site for BOBJ said there were no changes. BUT it looks like they are going to update the sizing now due to this.


I would love to know the answer to this question. I’m seeing my JobServerChild processes consume 30GB+ of memory and bringing my entire system down. This started shortly after upgrading to 4.3. I know this is due to un-realistic row counts being returned, but 4.2 NEVER did this. I’m guessing this is due to the shift to 64bit. I tried asking tech support this question but am not getting very far.

I haven’t looked at these yet but SAP has released sizing guides for BI 4.3. You will need a SAP login to access them though. I received a notice of their release on June 3, 2021.

The first version of the BI 4.3 sizing guide is located at these links: 

4.3 SP1
An updated version is also planned after SP02 is released.