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Crystal Report to run up to previous months with no date in the report

Hi Experts,

I have two crystal reports one is summary and the other is detailed.

The summary report was scheduled to be run on the first day of every month to get all the records up to that previous month. e.g. on December 1st to get all the records up to November 30th. There are no date filters/ parameters on the report.

The Detailed report also doesn’t have any date filter/parameters. The Detailed report was never scheduled.

Now I need to run the Detailed report up to the previous months to compare it with the summary report. i.e. November 2023 Summary report to be compared with November 2023 Detailed report.

I don’t understand how to run the Detailed report for the month of November 2023 as there are no dates to be compared with.

I understand if there was a date filter, I could have done the comparison like this

{date_field} < = ‘2023-11-30’

But which date should I compare with ‘2023-11-30’ ? as there are no date fields in the report.

Is there a way I can get the date filed for the fact that when the summary report was run and compare it with required date? or any other way?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Is there a date field in the tables you are querying on which you can add a filter? If the report is getting data through a given date under the assumption that no future data exists you are stuck.

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