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Create Universe using an Excel sheet

Hi Everyone,
I have been reading in this forum that users are looking for a utility to create universe directly from excel sheet. I have tried to create a excel based utility which can create the universe from scratch. User just need to put the text information into excel sheet and it will create the whole universe itself.

The last tab of this sheet includes step by step procedure on how to use this
utility. I would like my fellow developers to use this tool and provide me suggestion on its improvement.

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Sethi
Create_Universe.xls (44.0 KB)

Gaurav_Sethi :india: (BOB member since 2007-01-09)

Hi Gaurav,
Can we use this utility to define the aggregation for measure objects and to convert few existing measure objects as dimension objects?


shineymathew20 (BOB member since 2012-05-02)

Very cool XLS setup for universes, thanks.

How are you and did you ever create a macro within XLS that extracts all the columns of that XLS and make it available for a DB table?

Joealyche (BOB member since 2012-02-29)

Hi Gaurav,

This tool is really helpful in XI3.1. What changes have to be made for BO 4.1 (UDT)? Is there any parameter that can be set to a specific version in the vb code?

Also, How does this work if I have to add a new table to the schema? Do I have to do that manually and then run this macro?

Answers for above will be of great help.


Sukhi (BOB member since 2014-07-10)