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Create Universe from file fdx blx

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 9 Patch 10 - Version:

Hi everybody,
I need to create a Universe from dfx, blx and cns files.
I can’t retreive the universe from the repository.

The MyUnv.blx, MyUnv.dfx and MyConn.cns files are saved in a local directory.

How can I re-create the universe in IDT by loading the files?


is the local .blx connected to the local dfx and cns ? → is it possible to query data in IDT from the cns-source ?
did you try to publish the .blx in IDT to the BO-server/repository (the way it is usually done) ?

Thanks N8AKTIV,
the issue is I don’t know how to load the three files in a project in IDT.

Can you tell me the steps to follow?

copy the 3 files in the workspace-folder on your computer:
… \.businessobjects\bimodeler_14\workspace\ … \ your_folder \ your files

Now the folder and files should show up in IDT in “Local Projects” (Refresh or “F5” !)

Open .dfx … edit/set connection to the .cns in your folder … save
Open .blx … edit/set data-foundation to the .dfx in your folder … save
Publish .blx to the Respository on the Server

Thanks a lot,
I’ll try soon.

I really appreciate your help…