Create a report to auto refresh or not run due to db update

Hi All,

Trying to create a webi report/dashboard on a transactional based database. The data refreshes 3 times a day (8am, 3pm and 5pm). I want to build a report/dashboard in webi that will:
A) refresh automatically based on the above times
B) Display a message box that report/dashboard is currently unavailable due to database refresh if the report is run at above times, also if the report is run at above times, the query should not go to database.

Any ideas or suggestions? Appreciate the help and feedback.

Thank you.

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you can create a second source in WebI with Freehand-SQL containing all your timing-logic
that will give a result of β€œ0” or β€œ1” and merge this result with the report,
so you can show the content or hide it (or show some other text instead) with conditional-layout-setting.

disable the refresh-on-open in the report and
schedule the report at desired date/time or use Fiori-Launchpad to refresh a dashboard automatically

Thank you for the suggestions, sounds like a plan. We are on 4.2 at the moment so i don’t think a fiori style dashboard is possible, but i can try with webi report with multiple tabs and data providers.