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Counting months including those with no data

I am trying to count the months between a user provided start and end date.
Within the report I have a ‘Calendar Month’ object and I have tried this calculation:

=Count([[Calendar Month];IncludeEmpty)

However this is only counting months that have data. I need to be able to count all months to then divide a total figure and establish a monthly average.

As you can see from below, I want all rows to state there are 7 months

Try this for the formula for the number of months…

=Count([Calendar Month]) In Block

There is a potential flaw here in that if there is no data whatsoever for a particular month within your date range it will not be counted.

You state that the user is providing start and end dates. You could use the MonthsBetween() function with those start and end dates to get the number of months.