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Count distinct in Lumira Designer

Hello all,

I’m facing an issue trying to calculate a count distinct on a dimension, Lumira Designer seems to do a simple count without the distinct.

For information my application is based on a universe where i’m calculating a count distinct.

When i create a datasource with only this counter it’s OK but when i’m adding other dimensions the distinct is not applied anymore.

Is there any way to keep working this counter as a count distinct and not a simple counter ?

Example :

Dimension A Dimension B Counter Dim A

A B 1

A C 1

As a global counter i’m expecting 1 not 2.

thank you.

soufiane669 (BOB member since 2019-05-10)

Hi soufiane669,

AND WELCOME TO B :mrgreen: B,

I dont think your issue is necessarily a lumira designer issue, if you have a universe as a data source, why wouldnt you an analytic running count function (of whichever DB) to give you a distinct count for that Dimension?

katullus :us: (BOB member since 2009-08-21)