Corrupted report involving contexts

Hello Community

We are still working on BO 4.1 and I have a situation with corrupted reports.
My reports are complex. lots of data and formulas.

At some point, I create a new query with a context that needs to be picked.
I choose the context but then BO asks me to choose the context again, and again, and again…
The selection simply does not work.

I’ve tried many things…

  • force a context by adding an object. BO keeps asking for a context when there is no need.
  • delete and recreate the query but the problem happens again
  • I thought it was because this query was a duplicate of another one so I rebuilt it from scratch but no…

Have you ever experienced such an issue ?

If it was just for 1 report, I wouldn’t ask but the 2 big reports I’ve been working on recently have faced the same issue.

Thanks for your help.