Convert two rows as a one row in Crystal report

I would like to convert two rows of data into one row in Crystal report. Please see below scenario.

I got two tables Employee and Address
EmployeeNumber, Employee Name, Employee Department
1001, Sam, IT

100, 1001,Postal, 23 Edgards road wollert
101, 1001, Residential, 52 Shields street Wollert

I want the report looks like below without using stored procedure
Employee Number, EmployeeName, Postal, Residential
1001, Sam, 23 Edgards road wollert,52 Shields street Wollert

Thank you in advance

emmapiva (BOB member since 2019-08-31)

join 2 tables on employee id and you will get only one row per employee (provided employee has only 1 address)

kondapally (BOB member since 2020-02-13)