Conversion of single quota in double quota

we are facing a strange issue.
I want to explaing the scenario before.

As BE we have google big query
As FE Business Object IX

We have a LOV that list all the possible values from a table .
Between these values we have one like this ‘SOCIETA’ PIPPO’

when I try to filter the report using this particoular value from LOV , the report will generate the query in this way :
select * from TABLE where compagnia=‘SOCIETA’’ PIPPO’

This query doesn’t work because for big query you should use something like this for the single quote inside 2 single quotes :
select * from TABLE where compagnia=‘SOCIETA’ PIPPO’

The problem is that seems BO substitute automatically the single quote in double quote… where I can find this option? Maybe in the ODBC connector ?

thanks in advance for help