#Context error in webi variable

Hello All,
I need help with creating a variable which is going to bring sum of data as follows:
I am showing Resources for projects company wide and each project is classified by Priority.
i am showing Projects by Priority 1 first, the top ten projects in each row and then a Sum of the rest of the Projects.
SO I came up with a Rank variable with code;
=Rank([Available FTEs];([Priority];[Project]);([Priority]))

Then i created another called Rank Logic:
=[Rank] > 10
Next i am now using below Variable to get the Sum of Full Time employees (Resources) for all projects which fall under Rank 11 . (The top 10 are already showing in first ten rows)
In the eleventh Row i will add this variable to show the Sum of all the other Projects.
Other projects Total
=(Sum([Available FTEs] ForEach([Project])) Where ([Priority]="1 - Must Do" And [Rank Logic]=1))

The problem is , i keep getting #Context error for this last variable. However, it works in a Report Block with Priority and Project Columns but doesn’t give me a overall Sum in one row in Report.
I will appreciate your help on this.


Would you please post a snap of sample data? Better, provide an excel, so we could easily download and use as source to try and help. It’d be nice to have a column at the end/summary row showing expected results.


Thanks for your reply.
I am able to have the following working without #Context error.
=NoFilter(Average([Available FTEs]) Where ([Consumption].[Priority]="1 - Must Do" And ([^Rank Logic] ForEach([Consumption].[Priority];[Project])=1)))