Connecting Business Objects to Salesforce

I’m going to try again - has anyone connected to Salesforce and used it effectively? (I asked the same question in November, sorry …)

We connected 2 years ago and made a basic Universe, but just to CONTACT table and just to show that it worked.

Currently in Salesforce I’m wrestling on pulling data, and my only tool is using SOQL via Workbench. SOQL sucks and so does Workbench, it’s kind of like SQL Plus - bland, boring, and certainly not a state of the art tool.

It just seems to me that this should be a viable solution. Why not? It would be a direct connection, so no data movement.

Salesforce has a fancy schmancy dashboards tool called Einstein. But it requires moving data into Einstein. Salesforce purchased Tableau and then re-named Einstein to Tableau CRM. But I’m sure it will be a good long while before Tableau as it’s currently known is reconfigured to work with Salesforce.

*The Salesforce data architecture is way different than any traditional relational database like Oracle or MySQL. It’s totally different and blows your mind trying to learn it with Oracle in your brain.

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