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Command Line Run but No Data to Fetch


Hope that someone can help out on this one. We are trying to schedule documents to refresh from the command line in version 6.5. This is working, however there is a problem when the report does not return any data. The ‘No data to fetch’ message appears and so the document will not automatically close as it would had there been data returned.

Is there any way to suppress this message so that we do not have to intervene each time it occurs? We have checked the documentation to see if there is another command to add that will do this, but cannot see one (have also tried searching here).

Thank you for your help.

akaobjects (BOB member since 2006-06-05)

This removal of the “No data to fetch” message has been discussed a lot, it is even in the FAQ! A search would have lead you to (amongst others): and

Using the BCA you wouldn’t have had this problem. And it’s probably even possible to surpress it using a Macro but that’s not something I’ve run into my self so I’m not sure about that.

jobjoris :netherlands: (BOB member since 2004-06-30)

Thanks for the pointer. I guess the search string entered was not quite good enough :oops:

We had thought about the union and contexts options but unfortunately the documents are pretty well established and timescales tight so we will need to look at the program route in the short term.

Thanks again.

akaobjects (BOB member since 2006-06-05)