Combined variable (for dummies)

I have a query in which there can be more “Datummelding” for each “Clientid” And
there can be more “Triagebesluitnummermelding” for eacht "Clientid.

I want to make a variable where both items are addressed but my knowledge of sql is insufficient to write this.

I made 2 variables instead and combined those in a third and the result of this suggests that this is not the right thing to do
(resulting numbers are to high).

The separate variables are below…

Aantal = Number!

=Aantal([Datummelding]) VoorElke([Clientid])

=Aantal([Triagebesluitnummermelding]) VoorElke([Clientid])

…and this is the combined one which apparently doesn’t work properly.

=[AGG Triage Besluit Nummermelding] +
[AGG Datummelding]

Can anyone show me how to do this properly?

can you give us a small example of the wrong data and also a example of the expected output ?

do you want to count() or sum() in the result ?

with voorelke ( for each ? ) you add fields to the calc context, so the result will depend on the current layout of your report, maybe in() will be the better function to find the result

maybe a crosstable is a better solution to display different clientid together with different dates