CMS connection is not valid when creating a new schedule

Hi there,

I have migrated a repository from an older 4.2 install to a new one (latest SP). I took a backup of the old repo database (SQL Server) and restored it to a new location with a new name.

I have used the repo manager to upgrade the repo.
I have connected a job server to the repo
I have registered the repo in the new IPS CMC and it tests fine
I have configured the CMS in the DWS CMC/Management area and it tests fine
I have removed references to the old system from the al_machine_info table in the repo database.

However when I try to schedule a job I get the error ‘CMS connection is not valid’. This job is one of the ones that was in the repo from before the migration.

What am I missing that needs to be updated? Does the job still pine for the old CMS?

thanks in advance


I don’t know what to do with the orginial job server. But how about if you disabled it and created a brand new job server? Would that work?

Hi Marek, the jobserver is brand new already, it’s only the repository database (and the projects/jobs within) that was migrated from the old system.

I can execute jobs manually but not schedule them - the error message comes up when I press the apply button in the scheduler screen…

Please can you share the error you are getting.


Hi Shaz, the error comes in the top left of the scheduling screen: ‘The CMS connection is not valid’

I’ll try some of the suggestions mentioned on this thread and post updates here

Can you please check in case Test Connection for CMS is working fine

DSMC --> Management --> CMS Connection


Hi Shaz, yes we have tested that and it is ok

OK I found the issue - there was a special character in the administrator password: !
once I removed the special character and reset the CMS connection, all ran fine.


Wow, interesting. Thanks for sharing your finding.