CMC User Mapping to BW Role

I currently have BO user group “Group A” mapped to BW role “Role A”. In BO, there are about 35 daily and ~80 monthly active users using the BO system. Unfortunately, the mapping fetches all ~3500 users from BW to BO.
Is there a way I can control/filter the users list so I can only get my 80 monthly users list from BW. I don’t need all 3500.
If it’s possible how do I do it so BO only pulls 80 users?


zulu1900 (BOB member since 2005-07-27)


You need to view the Authentication in CMC, and the second tab Roleimport.
There you must have used a BWrole, which [b]every BWuser is connected to.

[/b]The solution is to create a BW-role, that is used solely for BOBJ, for ex rolename BOBJUSERS

Map the users in BW to that role,
use that BWrole in CMC instead of the current one

The result will be that you only have users in BOBJ, that is mapped to that specific BWrole BOBJUSERS.

Good luck

Bjorn :sweden: (BOB member since 2006-02-10)