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Check Report Schedule Queue


I have few reports scheduled to run at particular time, and one of the server in job server was in hung state and it was restarted. When the service was back will all the schedule be picked up or needs to be manually restarted as time for schedule is passed. I checked the instance manager and report was not in running state. Where I can check if the report is any queue waiting to be executed.

thanks in advance

In Instance Manager filter on status. If the jobs did start put couldn’t be completed, the status should be Failed and you can click on the status to see why it failed. Pending will give you jobs that are waiting to run. Recurring is the instance itself, you can check the properties and see when it will run next.

You can also go to the folder where the report lives, right click the report and check the history (assuming you have instances set to keep a copy in the history). That will show you all the successful, failed, running, pending, recurring instances for the report.