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Charts are not displaying on Reports after upgrade to BI 4.3 SP02 P10

We have upgrade our environment from BI 4.2 SP9 P4 to BI 4.3 Sp02 P10. Then we found that Charts are not displaying in any of the reports that we have. It is showing blank screen. Even, we checked webi sample reports and there also it is not working. Cross tab is working but not chart.

Can someone please suggest what could be the issue? How to fix it?


convert the chart into a vertical table and analyze carefully what is not correct therein
if still no success, take away elements from that vertical table and try to reconvert it in the same chart as it was before; most likely at any time, it will be displayed correctly again, what should allow to identify the cause

Actually, the existing chart which is showing blank in white screen, is not allowing us to right click or changing anything. It is completely disabled. However we have other lower region where we have upgrade BI version before the Prod and their it is working absolutely fine. In lower region we had element link issue and that we resolve by changing the chart funtionality. But same report when we promoted from lower region to prod, it is not working. There are many reports in Prod having charts and all are seeing same issue.

can you see the chart-frame in “Structure only” mode ?

It is fixed. Charts are seeing without any issue.