Changing an account from named user to concurrent

Hello! Like many installations, we have grown and changed over time. We find ourselves with several of our named user licenses being taken by users who are no longer so active. I’d like to make some changes. Since I’ve never done this before and can’t find much information on it, I want to check to make sure I don’t break something. It seems as simple as: In the CMC, select the account | Properties. In the Access Type section: click on Limited by concurrent session pool. Is this the right work flow? Anything else I need to do? And once I do this, are there any ramifications I need to be aware of? Just tossing out random thoughts: Access in groups are still intact, they don’t lose their personal folder, the account is still enabled, etc.

Thank you!

Sandy Brotje (BOB member since 2002-07-24)

That is as simple as it gets I suppose, I have done this and had seen no ramifications during the time after it.
I also see no bad experiences as such being banded about.

BarkyBaloo (BOB member since 2007-07-04)

Changing the Access Type for an account in Business Objects will have no impact other than the could be prevented from logging in if they are setup as a concurrent user and all of your licenses are used up by other concurrent users. There will be no loss of functionality for the account.

JohnBClark :us: (BOB member since 2007-03-27)