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Carriage Return Ignored in Email Message

Version: 14.2.6

I have a Webi document that is distributed using a Publication. In the email message body, I’ve included a glossary of all the metrics in the report, with a carriage return after each metric, so they appear on separate lines. However, when the email is sent, the carriage returns are ignored, and the definitions run together in a single wrapped line. I tried adding 2 carriage returns after each line, but that didn’t help.

The weird thing is that all other carriage returns in the message work fine.

Has anyone else found this issue, and found a solution?

MichaelWelter :vatican_city: (BOB member since 2002-08-08)


So, I tried cancelling the recurring schedule, and creating a new schedule, and it now includes the missing carriage returns. Apparently changes made to the publication properties are not picked up by existing schedules.

MichaelWelter :vatican_city: (BOB member since 2002-08-08)