Cannot See Administrators Group in Central Management Console

In one of our BOE 4.2 SP07 Patch 4 systems cannot see the Administrators group with in the CMC and consequently I cannot see the members of the Administrators group.

enter image description here

Yes, I can log in as the Administrator and myself (I am an admin) with full admin privileges. Everything works fine, but I just cannot see the Administrators group. I realize I could probably figure out the members of the Administrators group using Query Builder. But I should not have to. Any suggestions on how to restore the visibility of this seemingly invisible group?

I nscheaffer and welcome to BOB! Did you search in case of Administrators group would have been moved in a subgroup somewhere ?

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Hi, You can look for the Administrators group in the search dialog. Sometimes some Administrators are changing the default user group structure…

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I can see the Administrators group in the Group List (above Group Hierarchy), but not in Group Hierarchy.

I found it under Design Studio Administrators. Thank you for you suggestions.
CMC - Adminstrators Group Found

I’m sorry. It should not belong there.

Use groups should be structured better than that…

CU Klaus