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Cannot initialize report application session


We recently upgraded to BOE 4.2 SP5 from SP2, after the upgrade our crystal reports scheduled through custom API are failing with below error. Anyone encounter this issue? Any suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated.

Attempting to logon onto XXXX:6400
Sucessfully logged onto XXXX:6400
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - After login
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - After getService
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - iStore.query
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - Set Parameters
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - scheduling
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - COMPLETE
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - enterpriseSession.getService
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - Cannot initialize report application session. — Unable to connect to the server: XXXXXX.CrystalReports2016ReportApplicationServer.
BOXIReportUtility.generateReport - enterpriseSession.logoff
19544938 [[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: ‘4’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’] ERROR -

********** BEGIN **********
Message Type:Error
Time: 20181224 11:25:59
Message:Exception encountered in ReportsHelper.runBOXIReport:Cannot initialize report application session. — Unable to connect to the server: XXXXX.CrystalReports2016ReportApplicationServer…

nivas_padala (BOB member since 2018-12-25)

The security libraries were all replaced with much newer versions at 4.2 SP4. You have to configure your application to use the new version of the SDK and, if necessary, recompile it.

Is this a Java or a .NET application?


hilfy :us: (BOB member since 2007-04-16)

Thanks Dell

Its Java SDK. We deployed the new Jar files after the upgrade to BOE SP5. Opened a case with SAP almost a month back, but did’t get any recommendations from them yet. Interestingly they are saying that no changes in SDK from SP2 to SP5.

Do you suggest to check anything?


nivas_padala (BOB member since 2018-12-25)