Can I fix LCM (Promotion Management)?

Hi all basically, someone deleted the LCM folder in Business Objects and now I get this error when I try go to Promotion Management in the CMC.

I have tried going to the recycle bin, but it must of been deleted a while ago because its not in there.

I have also tried to re-create the folder but that doesnt work either, Im guessing because the new folder has a new CUID.

I have spent hours upon hours searching google. Most stuff leads me to the SAP Support Portal. But because we got Business objects from a reseller we dont have a login. We need to pay our supplier for support.

Usually I would say to try and promote the folder from another environment but since it is the LCM folder, that kinda shoots that option. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think folder objects are sent to the recycle bin, at least I’ve never seen any there. Only reports. So it may not be a time issue for your.

The only option I can think of to regain the folder would be to try a repair of your installation. Hopefully that would restore the LCM folder.

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Might work to run promotion management on the second environment and promote to the server with the missing folder. I think it just needs to connect to the CMS on the problem box.

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We only have the one environment. Stupid I know, but I dont have any control over that side. Our infrastructure team do all the server setup and installations.

I did ask infrastructure to create me a test server. And all they did was clone the LIVE application server onto another server.

But im guessing there are settings that need changing (e.g IP, Server Name) because it wont let me login to anything on the cloned server. I just get an error that says "Could not reach CMS"

Also i dont think they copied the database, so the clone server is porbabaly trying to connect to the LIVE CMS database.

Its so frustrating.

Infrastructure tried the repair on the earliest version of BO in Add/Remove programs. It broke the server and they had to restore.

I wish I had more control over things.


LCM should never be deleted. It has been hardcoded by CUID. Fixing this is a bit difficult.
Follow KB2067506

The mentioned Utility can be downloaded from the above mentioned KB via SAP Launchpad.




Your are an absolute gem!!! Im going to give this a try as soon as i finish my current project! Thanks again!

Thanks again. I tried the second method because i do not have access to the support portal. And it worked!!!

Our software provider have spent hours trying to figure this out and you helped me fix it in less than 20 minutes.

Thank you thank you thank you.