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Can Business Objects read Qualtrics?

Can Business Objects read Qualtrics? It would have to be a specific survey.

Seems kind of crazy, but I thought I’d ask.

I just downloaded the Support Platforms document for BI4.3sp4. It doesn’t list Qualtrics in the Relational Semantic Layer Data Sources section. So I would say, not officially, if it does at all.

If you can connect to Qualtircs with an ODBC or JDBC driver, you might be able to use the generic connections but you wouldn’t have any support.

@JohnBClark thx!

I think I’ll pass and just load the data to Google Sheets or simply Excel. I was trying to avoid jiggling with the data and connect directly.

I thought SAP owned Qualtrics but that didn’t last too long, now “Silver Lake”, a private equity firm that also owns AirBnB and other disparate businesses.

btw, I’m going to a Qualtrics Conference next week, 10,000 attendees!!! in Salt Lake City