Can Business Objects connect to Google Big Query BI Engine?

We’re getting Google Big Query, which I know nothing about except this article (What is BigQuery BI Engine?  |  Google Cloud). It says "it’s a fast, in-memory analysis service. By using BI Engine you can analyze data stored in BigQuery with sub-second query response time and with high concurrency.

BI Engine integrates with familiar Google tools like [Google Data Studio]. The [BI Engine SQL interface] feature also integrates with other popular business intelligence (BI) tools, such as Looker, Tableau, Power BI.

This article says you can connect B.O. to Google BigQuery (Create an SAP BusinessObjects Universe on the CData ODBC Driver for BigQuery)

I’m just trying to sort out if BI Englne is a similar tool as Tableau, Looker, Power BI? Or is it more of a SQL tool for queries and such but not the primary end user tool.

Anyone have any experience with this (and B.O.)?

Looker was ruled out because it was an additional cost to Google Big Query, ( Looker is now part of Google Cloud but still its own entity (like Tableau and Salesforce)

Hi williampeck1958,

We have adopted GBQ 3 years ago to develop our new EDWH and used Simba ODBC drivers to connect BO 4.2 vs BQ.
U can give the drivers a try from ODBC and JDBC drivers for BigQuery  |  Google Cloud

Keep in mind you will need some customizations applied to the ODBC prm files to “read” GBQ SQL syntax (nothing major though) after which you will be able to connect and use your BQ tables within BO.

Please also note all of the above changes with SAP BO 4.3 which I undestand (we do not have it yet) comes with its own native connector to GBQ.

Hope this helps.


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scagliaf — looks like I found the right answer! Just looking at the feasibility and you’ve done it … great!

  • do you like it?

Performance… stunning!
Compatibility… some annoyances
Data modelling… less painful than expected (in many docs you might have seen that GBQ prefers large de-normalized tables to expose facts and dimensions, but our experience shows GBQ performs adequately even with more traditional star schemas, which - I suppose - best fits to scenarios where you have to migrate from more traditional EDWH)

All-in-all my mark would be a glorious 9 out of 10 :grinning: