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Calling out to old BOB-ers


I’ve found my way back here…wondering if any of the old BoB-ers are still around?

Cheerios from good ole Germany,


Welcome back @Andreas
B :mrgreen: B

I still have this too:

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Hey John, beautiful picture in your linkedin Profile, the bridge : )

Welcome back Andreas!!

Hope all is well. I still call in to offer help, but we don’t use it in my current job. The BusinessObjects job market has collapsed in the UK compared to what it was.

Yep, me been working with SAC a lot.
But still got some customers using BusObjects for various reasons, e.g. established solution, require on-premise install, etc.

Once a Wookie, always a Wookie, hm? :wink:

BTW I believe there is a new official statement out there announcing BusObjects “2025” and new roadmap until 2030 (for supporting this solution).

SAP Analytics Business Intelligence Statement of Direction – April 2023 update | SAP Blogs

Thanks. That’s a rail road swing bridge in my home town. The boat channel is in front of the bridge as the picture is taken. The bridge swings over the over the concrete work in the foreground and then boats can pass through. There is a lock off to the left of the picture.

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Wow, the end of .unv and UDT.

A sad moment. Such a simple concept done so well.

There’s going to be a gap in the market for a BO Lite tool for SMEs who don’t have huge budgets.

I am still here and still using version 4.2 SP6 because every attempt
moving to 4.3 was canceled after small annoying errors.
If SAP includes e.g. something like Need4Viz and speed-up fixing errors
and including new features, BO will continue to be a serious alternative to all those
Cloud and/or PowerBI competitors :wink:

No old geezer otherwise? Eileen, etc etc?

Not seen any of them for a long time. No Nick, Mak1, Marek, etc.

My current reporting environment is SSAS and reg reporting via SSRS.and it’s depressing to be honest. :smiley: